The Top 5 Reasons A Combat Roll Is A Useful Maneuver

Reason #1: It Prevents Injury When Falling from Great Heights

This reason is the fundamental reason as to why many people learn the combat roll maneuver in the first place.

You see, usually when you fall from a cliff and hit the ground feet first, all that kinetic energy travels directly to your knees and all of its sensitive connective tissue.

However when you utilize the combat roll, you disperse all that energy around your body by letting all of your muscles carry the load of the force experienced.

Getting Attacked by Zombies!!!!

An equation for all of you nerds:

Reason #2: It is a great way to quickly create distance

Whether it is dodging a knife wielding vandal or ducking for cover from an armed assailent, the combat roll is far quicker than even running due to the inertial force cost that running requires which is far less for the combat roll!

Reason #3: It is a useful safety net technique when practicing complex callisthenic movements

Whether it is learning to do a handstand or attempting a backflip, a combat roll can be a very useful tool that you can use when you find yourself in a comprising position.

Like this for example:

Reason #4: It is one of the safest ways you can practice body control

Provided of course that you are practicing on soft ground and semi proper form. The technique doesn’t require a ton of prior knowledge or level of fitness which makes it relatively accessible to the average person to learn.

Reason #5: If all else fails…It is a cool party trick

Okay so this last one was a bit of a cheap shot but it is true, it looks far more impressive than it actually is, so take advantage of this Padawan.

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