Reasons why you aren’t gaining any muscle…

Reason #1: You aren’t eating enough

If you are reading this, you have probably attempted some form of physical training. If you are still not achieving the results you want it is usually due to a bottleneck in your training.

For many younger guys this bottleneck is calorie consumption! You aren’t getting enough of them! Young blokes struggle to be in a caloric surplus(eating more than required) because their basal metabolic rate is so damn high(very fast).

The only way to combat this is to eat more, if you have very little body fat and struggle to gain muscle, find ways to eat more everyday!

Reason #2: You aren’t training at a high enough intensity

Us natural lifters have to train at a higher intensity than enhanced lifters in order to stimulate protein synthesis(muscle growth).

Make sure you incorporate an efficient workout routine that continually does reps to failure.

Your body does not want to build muscle, it is an energy expensive tissue to maintain. So force it to deem muscle growth as a necessary adaptation!

Reason #3: You are overtraining

This reason may seem contradictory to the previous one but hear me out first.

When you train it must be at a relatively high intensity but as a natural lifter you must give your body enough time to recover.

Do not schedule routine rest days. Schedule a rest day when you feel sore from a previous workout. Either train different muscles or skip the gym entirely.

Overtraining leads to big spikes in cortisol which is a catabolic hormone that stunts protein synthesis(muscle growth)

You can actually lose muscle if your cortisol levels are too high, so listen to your body and rest accordingly!

Reason #4: You are not activating enough muscles

Too many people focus on isolated movements like the bicep curl or skull-crushers and leave out compound movements entirely.

You can actually ditch isolated movements and just do compound exercises and still reap huge results.

Make sure you are activating enough muscles to make sure that your body receives the message that it needs to adapt(by building muscle).

The staple compound exercises are as follows:

➖ Bench press(Pecs, Shoulder, core and triceps)

➖ Shoulder press(Shoulder, Triceps and back)

➖ Deadlifts(Hamstrings, Quads, Lower back, core and forearms)

➖ Squats(Hamstrings, Quads and core)

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