How To Train Your Biceps Without Equipment At Home:

You heard that right, there are ways you can still affectively strength train your biceps without specialized gym equipment, It is one of the most notorious muscles to train with just your bodyweight.


Now this might seem useless in theory but try it out for yourself and you’ll see how effective it can be!


Step 1: Find a towel from your household and fold it in half length ways.

Step 2: Wrap the towel around your left wrist while it is facing up( the towel must be evenly hanging on both sides).

Step 3: Use your right hand to reach under the left arm and grip both of the sides of the towel tightly.

Step 4: Straighten your right arm to engage your right tricep and keep it locked.

Step 5: Try and curl your left bicep( the arm shouldn’t be able to move as your tricep is stronger than your bicep)

Step 6: Hold the contraction for 10 sec and then release

Step 7: Repeat the process with the right bicep( You should be aiming for atleast 6 sets per side)

Now this may not beat curls with an EZ bar at the gym but it is definitely a good substitute for those times you just can’t make it.

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