Why Fitness is Boring(Top 5 reasons)…

Too many people dislike exercise, It is a shame as movement could actually be a very enjoyable experience, it is our social conditioning towards exercise that holds us back.

Contemplating if existing is worth it…

#1: We are too afraid to play and look childish

People are too scared to try movements that they would find fun and enjoyable because they are afraid of looking weird or stupid in front of other people.

We are afraid of having play fights, skipping around, finding different ways to crawl, dancing without technique or climbing trees all just because society has told us that as adults these things are unacceptable.

#2: A lot of exercise is static

Now whilst your limbs are still moving, you are usually not moving anywhere within space, the sensation of journey and progression are all taken away.

You are either lying on a bench, standing upright, kneeling over a box or moving up and down vertically. It is almost as if we are slaves to our areas of space.

This is why long distance running is so enjoyable for some because there is instant evidence for your effort(a change in location).

#3: We think it must be difficult to be working

This mindset is a fallacy, not all exercise must be a struggle to be effective.

If you are a powerlifter or bodybuilder then it’s a different story…

However for the most of us, taking things at our pace will improve motivation to go to the gym because we aren’t expecting massive pain and punishment, therefore resulting in greater long term results.

#4: We don’t know what we are doing

Doing the same old exercises again and again can get tedious and BORING.

Sometimes we need to just do a little bit of research or watch a Youtube video to spice up our gym routine to become a little more novel and interesting.

If you can afford it, a personal trainer would go a long way in keeping your workouts stimulating and enjoyable(If they are good of course).

#5: We are not aware of our options

There are so many ways to get your blood pumping these days, especially if you have simple goals.

If you just want to improve your cardiovascular health and have a better looking body then most sports and fitness based activities will achieve this without you having to set foot inside of a gym.

Your options include: Martial arts(Muay Thai,Boxing, Jiijitsu,Judo,Wrestling,ect.), Yoga, Rock Climbing, Trail Running, Cycling, Swimming, Surfing, Skiing, Diving, Team sports(all kinds),ect.

Now of course, all these options may not be available or affordable for you but if they are then they will go a long way in making your fitness journey effortless and enjoyable!

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