How to Exercise With Knee Pain:

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Knee pain is one of the biggest problems that people have when it comes to having a barrier to exercise. It is one of the most defeating feelings to have pain when you are trying to work out. Hope is not lost though, as there are many ways that you can overcome this challenge and reap the benefits of exercise. In this article, 4 ways to exercise with knee pain will be outlined:

1.) Avoid any exercise that involves bending your knee:

The bending of the knee is what will compress and place tension on all of its connective tissues. Therefore, exercises like Squats, Lunges, Leg press, Machine leg extensions, running, Machine leg curls, and sled pushes must be avoided. Whilst that seems incredibly limiting, there are many other ways to train your legs in a safer and more pain-free way.

2.) Train with resistance bands:

Resistance bands allow you to apply resistance while keeping your legs fully straight which is very unlikely with weights or bodyweight exercise. This is done by looping a resistance band around one’s ankles, keeping one foot as an anchor point (by just staying standing), and either pushing forward (to target the quads) or pulling backward (to target the hamstrings) with the alternate leg.

3.) Consider water aerobics:

Another issue with knee problems is that it becomes very difficult to get in cardio like cycling, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or running will elicit pain. Therefore, some light resistance training in a pool can be very effective in raising your heart rate and improving your cardiovascular fitness without further damaging your knee. If your local gym has a pool, then there is a good chance there is a group class with an instructor that you can join.

4.) Consider going for daily walks:

Walking is an excellent way to improve your fitness and it is low impact enough to not affect your knee badly. The walking will also help rehabilitate a knee injury by lightly compressing the knee capsule to keep the synovial fluid flowing.


Having knee problems is a huge bummer when it comes to exercise. However, the tips mentioned in this article should help you overcome its challenges and take back control of your workout regime. It is important to note that visiting a physiotherapist and taking a hydrolyzed collagen supplement is also strongly advised so that you can restore your knee to full health. (Then hopefully you’ll no longer need these tips)

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