How to Lose Weight on Your Face:

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The face is definitely one of the areas that can benefit most drastically in terms of appearance when it comes to losing weight. However, when your prioritizes losing face fat is largely determined by genetics. That being said, there are a few things that could skew the odds in your favor:

1.) Eat Less Than Usual:

As with all goals when it comes to losing weight in a particular area, you must first make sure that you are limiting your calories enough for your body to prioritize using its fat stores. Sadly, this is the only guaranteed way to lose weight that we currently know of (without the use of drugs).

2.) Take Cold Showers:

Now during these cold showers, you would want the water to be directed to your face. Cold exposure has been proven to turn white fat into brown fat (which is smaller and healthier looking in appearance). When you do these however is up to when suits you best.

3.) Take Up Some Cardio:

Cardio has been given a bad wrap around the fitness community lately, however it remains one of the best ways to get rid of face (and upper body) fat. It is almost as if your body knows that extra weight in the upper body is restricting your running/cycling efficiency.

4.) Perform Facial Exercises:

The idea of doing facial exercises is a bit of a weird one, however it has been proven to improve ones facial appearance quite dramatically. Look up some ideas on YouTube and add them to your before bed routine.

5.) Drink more water than usual:

For some strange reason, your body needs to be in a hydrated state to oxidize the fat in your face. So staying hydrated at all times will prove highly beneficial. It will also improve your general appearance and make your skin appear smoother and more elastic.

6.) Reduce your overall salt intake:

Salt is necessary for electrolytes and adequate hydration, however too much of it ends up in water retention throughout the body which would lead to a puffy and bloated face. So avoid foods that you know are high in Sodium (not just Chloride!).


This list may seem long but individually these tips take up little time of your day, ensuring that you do most of them will ensure that you reach your goal of getting rid of those chubby cheeks!

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