Exercise for High Blood Pressure:

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High blood pressure is often a sign that your heart is struggling to pump blood through its arteries (That is why it is pushing harder to compensate). This extra exertion however is not a good thing and will over time lead to the damaging of artery walls and an overall increase in the risk of a heart attack or stroke. These are all things that we all want to avoid, this article gives you a few exercises that could help in your journey to lower your blood pressure.

1.) High Intensity Interval Training:

Any exercise that raises your heart rate higher than usual would be extremely beneficial as it leads to the expanding of blood vessels which leads to better circulation which should in the long term help decrease blood pressure. It is important to note that steady state cardio (eg: Long jogs) does not increase your resting heart rate by very much at all and therefore should be avoided in the process of trying to lower blood pressure.

2.) Weightlifting/Resistance Training:

The second main way to decrease blood pressure would be to engage in heavy resistance training. The more strain you put on your muscles, the more your body is forced to pump more blood to them. This process helps strengthen and enlarge capillaries which leads to increased circulation and thus lowered blood pressure.

3.) Yoga/Intensive Stretching Routine:

The third way that is also quite effective is to stretch the muscle so that it becomes more elastic and stretches it’s outer fascia casing. The stretch response to the body causes extra blood flow to circulate to the stretched area which over time will lead to better circulation overall and thus decreased blood flow. Another bonus with yoga is that they focus on breathwork which has been shown to help increase the rate of blood-flow throughout the entire body.

Extra Bonus Tip: Nutrition

Now while these exercises are great and will most definitely help you in your journey to decrease blood pressure, it does not solve the root of the problem. Most blood pressure problems do not come from a lack of exercise but rather a lack of dietary awareness. There are many foods that you could research online to decrease blood pressure but what is even more important is the food you don’t eat. In this case that would be food high in saturated fat. It has been shown that saturated fat combines with the blood’s plasma and makes it thicker than it would usually be (Making it harder to circulate). This temporary effect over time usually leads to the permanent effect of fat clogging up your arteries which we know to be the leading cause of high blood pressure. Foods high in saturated fat are usually dairy products and red meats.


High blood pressure can be a pain (sometimes quite literally) but these exercises should get you well on your way to recovery and it is strongly advised you follow the advice of avoiding saturated fat. As these two things combined will provide a powerful combination in restoring a healthy level of blood pressure.

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