The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain:

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The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain is one of the many reasons people find it difficult to exercise, it can stop people from trying and that can lead to the problem becoming worse. These are the top 4 exercises to do to improve lower back pain or prevent it:

1.) Lat Pulldowns (Latissimus Dori):

Many people forget that a problem that occurs in the lower spine (in this case lumbar) is usually caused somewhere further up (like the thoracic or cervical spine). If there is a kink in one part of the spine, it will put the rest of the spine out of place as well. Doing lat pulldowns will train your latissimus dorsi muscle (the largest muscle of the back) and will help to realign your spine.

2.) Glute Bridges (Glutes):

Just as the problem could derive from a place higher up in the spine, the problem could also occur from lower down (in this case the sacral/hip region). Doing Glute bridges will help readjust the lower part of the pine and hopefully course correct the affected lumbar region.

3.) Shoulder Shrugs (Trapezius):

Just to cover all of our bases, I’ve included this one to make sure that the cervical spine is correctly aligned. The trapezius also connects to your two scapulae which should make sure that they aren’t part of the problem either.

4.) Running/Jogging:

It is incredibly difficult to run or to jog with bad posture. The body automatically auto corrects itself to avoid injury. The more you jog, the better your posture should become. Do make sure to not go on jogs that are too far though as that could aggravate the problem. (so less than 5km)

Bonus tip:

If the lower back pain still persists, perhaps consider visiting a specialist such as physiotherapist or a chiropractor to help realign your spine through manipulation or to give you more specific advice on how to fix your muscular dysfunction. The problem could derive from multiple potential causes, this article just outlined the most common ones.


It is important to do all 4 of these exercises together to ensure you do not further aggravate a potential spine misalignment. Again, consider visiting a specialist if the problem persists. As soon as you learn how to realign your spine in a way that works for you, any kind of back pain should be a thing of the past.

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