The Only Supplements You Need to Optimize Building Muscle:

So many people are obsessed with natural testosterone boosters and ashwagandha root powders without actually investing in the supplements that actually help push the needle forward. The natural testosterone boosters may work but even if they do then once you stop taking them, your body’s natural testosterone production will be reduced and you may lose the gains you made whilst you were taking them. You want to focus on products that do not influence crucial hormones dramatically and will help you keep your gains even when you stop taking them.

Creatine Monohydrate:

Creatine works by helping your muscle glycogen stores fill to maximum capacity. This in turn helps give you enough energy to perform harder at the gym which would result in more permanent muscle mass in the long run. Recent studies have also proven to reduce a protein called Myostatin which helps regulate the amount of muscle mass that you can gain at one time. Meaning that it also helps you directly by making you gain more muscle while you sleep.

Whey Protein:

Once you gain a relative amount of muscle, it takes more protein intake to gain even more. Due to this, your protein requirements to build muscle may become unreasonable to attain through natural eating. Supplementing with whey protein helps you reach your quota and ensure that you have enough to build as much muscle as you could.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D plays a vital hormonal role in supporting healthy muscles and bones. Skipping this one would even be detrimental to your mental health. Most of us however do not get enough sun exposure to fill our daily quota, so taking a supplement is the best route.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid:

This supplement boosts your natural Human Growth Hormone and helps you sleep better. HGH is not as anabolic as testosterone, but it helps keep your bones strong and maintain muscle mass, it also will make you feel a lot better and have more energy in the gym which would result in more permanent muscle in the long run. Better sleep directly translates into more gains.


People are very confused as to what is the most beneficial when it comes to muscle-building supplements. The supplement industry takes advantage of this and sells you a lot of things you don’t need. With these 4 supplements, you should have all you need to aid you in your muscle-building journey. Nutrition is of course important as well and you should make sure that your calories and macros are in place before you buy these supplements.

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