How to Keep Our Bones Strong as We Age:

Our bones usually reach their peak bone mass when we reach the ripe age of 30 years old. This is when our bone mineral density is at its highest and it relatively stays there for about 20 years after that before it starts declining. By the time we reach our mid 60’s we face the reality of what 15 years of bone loss will do to a human body. It does not have to be this way, there are multiple ways to keep your bone density at peak levels whilst you age. Below, a few tips will be shared about how to do so:

Resistance Training:

This has by far been the greatest contributing factor to delaying bone mass loss as we age across multiple studies. This is because exercise forces your muscles to physical stress on your bones which in turn forces them to build up a greater density to resist the forces that you place on it. This is counterintuitive as many people believe that weightlifting is the worst thing you can do as you age but it is actually the most beneficial thing you could probably do for your health.


As cliché as it seems, Calcium is one of the greatest contributing factors to building strong and healthy bones. Without it, your body does not have the building blocks to build up the bone. The sad reality is that as we get older, our body struggles to absorb as much Calcium as it used to. Thereby having fewer resources to maintain the amount of bone we have accrued through our youth. This hurdle can be overcome by taking supplemental calcium which will circumvent the lack of calcium in the bloodstream. One should note though that you should take a higher dosage than recommended because your body absorbs less of it than a younger person.

Vitamin D:

Sun exposure is not something that many older adults have in their regular routine, thereby vitamin D needs to be ingested externally either through food or a supplement. Vitamin D plays a major role in keeping bones healthy and it aids in the production of new bone.

Take Gamma Amino-butyric Acid as a supplement:

GABA is known as a growth hormone secretagogue which means it helps naturally release it from your pituitary gland. HGH is known as the king of recovery which should help you recover faster from your workouts but also build more bone. GABA also relaxes the nervous system which improves one’s quality of sleep. Improved sleep will help you recover faster and build more bone in a shorter interval of time.


Keeping bones healthy and strong as we age is not an easy feat, but it is far from impossible and if we work hard to maintain or even gain bone we will be stronger and more independent in our golden years.

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