Life Hacks to Stay Healthy with Minimal Effort:

Staying healthy can be difficult when you take the advice that is peddled around the health and fitness community around the world at the moment. Old school habits and old wife’s tales are also added into the mix, making it difficult to know who we can trust. Luckily for you, right now you’ll find out 4 life hacks to get all of the benefits without all of the trouble.

Powdered greens:

Your mom and every health coach ever have told you to eat a salad and that you need to eat a certain number of vegetables a day. However, the only benefits from salad ingredients and other leafy greens are the micronutrients they provide (primarily antioxidants), you can get fiber and carbohydrates somewhere else and much more effectively. Luckily there is a new supplement called powdered greens where you can get all of the nutritional value with none of the hassles. Dilute it with apple juice in the morning with breakfast and you’re good to go!

Eat things high in fat:

If sticking to a diet is your issue, then you may be surprised to know that fat doesn’t make you fat. It is just an energy source like carbs is except that it digests far more slowly thus keeping you fuller for longer. Most people are surprised when they switch to a diet high in fat, how much less they feel like eating throughout the day. Having a diet high in fat could keep you looking trim and lean without any extra effort on your part.

Drink a Vitamin D supplement:

Most supplements are not as useful as they proclaim to be, however, there is one that is worth its weight in gold and that is Vitamin D. Even if you get enough sun exposure throughout the day, studies have shown that even then it is beneficial to take extra supplemental Vitamin D.

Drink an Omega 3 capsule:

Omega 3 fatty acids are very hard to come by, but they are super powerful when it comes to brain health. The easiest way to get them via food is by eating fish (This is why salmon is seen as a superfood) but even then, the amount of Omega 3 ingested may not be optimal. Fish is smelly and expensive, so make your life easier and just take a daily supplement for Omega 3, your brain will thank you.


If you abstain from terrible eating and other bad habits, you will need nothing more than these 4 habits to ensure that you stay in optimal health indefinitely.

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