Are Pre Workout Supplements Worth It?

Supplement companies are having a field day with all the health and fitness products that are recently becoming quite popular in the modern market. One of those products is pre-workout powders and energy bars. If you have ever wondered if this is just a new fad or something beneficial to boost your workout then you have come to the right place. I will list 3 reasons each for why it is or isn’t beneficial:

Why it IS beneficial:

It provides a good source of easily digestible energy:

A lot of these supplements are filled with glucose powders which are absorbed very fast by the body and can provide an additional boost to the rate at which your ATP can replenish during a workout.

The caffeine makes you more alert:

Being more alert while working out can put an extra pep in your step whilst also decreasing the risk of a potential injury.

There are beneficial nutrients seldom found elsewhere:

Beta-alanine is an example of a supplement that is often added to pre-workout formulas that one would struggle to find naturally within food. The benefits of this additive alone is improved blood flow, muscular strength in the long term, and improved overall cardiorespiratory endurance.

Why it IS NOT beneficial:

It could decrease the effectiveness of Insulin for food eaten later:

The receptors for hormones become less sensitive when constantly stimulated. You could be dulling the insulin response of your dinner if you train in the late afternoon.

The caffeine can make you lethargic:

If you are one of those people that digest caffeine very quickly, it is very likely that you’d have a caffeine crash mid-workout, which would defeat the purpose of taking it. Most people should be in the clear though.

Many unhealthy additives are added:

Many pre-workout formulas have unhealthy synthetic flavors or are loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners. Most are even loaded with colorants to make it look more aesthetic when combined with water.


As you can see that there are just as many cons, as there are pros to having a pre-workout drink. You just must decide for yourself if the pros are worth the cons that it provides.

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