5 Tips to Getting Washboard Abs:

Getting those washboard abs from the Baywatch movies is no mean feat. It takes discipline, dedication, and sometimes crazy genetics. However, we all have the ability to get a chiseled belly to some degree, here are 5 tips and exercises to get you well on your way:

1.) Eat in a Caloric Deficit:

The first step to getting chiseled abs is actually being able to see them. This usually means getting your body fat low enough so that they are visible. The only scientifically proven way to lose fat is to eat less than your body needs for maintenance (as your body then uses fat storage to make up the deficit). The best way to ensure this is to keep reducing how much you eat every time it becomes clear that you are not losing weight.

2.) Take cold showers every day:

This is obviously not a popular suggestion amongst many but can prove highly beneficial. The science behind it says that cold exposure makes the body convert subcutaneous fat (Covering your abs) into visceral fat (Underneath your abs). This conversion of fat will definitely help expose your abs a little bit more.

3.) Deadlifts:

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises for developing your core and thus your rectus abdominis muscle. Building muscle mass of your abdominals is key to making them pop out. These are notoriously difficult though, so remember to start with just the bar (no weights added) to practice your form before you start adding extra weight because it is very easy to seriously injure yourself with poor form.

4.) Pullups:

Another classic exercise that will help you build mass on your abdominals. These can be difficult to do without prior gym experience, so you may need to do other training for a while before you attempt these.

5.) Take the GABA supplement:

Gamma Amino-butyric Acid is a very effective supplement that helps trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone. HGH is very effective in burning fat (this is why kids have such a high metabolism). As you know, burning fat is key to revealing those godly abs of yours.


Getting ripped abs is never easy but if it was then everyone would have them and actually getting them would no longer feel like a special achievement. Abs are a symbol of hard work ethic and discipline, do you have enough of those two things to earn yours?

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