Reasons to Breathe Through Your Nose:

We have all heard that mouth breathing is a bad thing, but seldom do people mention the reasons why breathing through your nose is a good thing. If you have always wondered this then you have stumbled on the right article because that is exactly what this article is about. Here are 4 reasons why breathing through your nose is a good thing:

1.) It filters the air:

Our lungs dislike dry air intensely and our nostril cavities are set up in such a way that it adds moisture to the air that we breathe. This effect is lost when you breathe through your mouth. Your lungs will be far healthier and run at optimal capacity more if the air that it receives is always humidified.

2.) It keeps your mouth moist:

One of the cons of breathing through your mouth is that it keeps drying out your mouth. This leads to it causing your salivary glands to work overtime and use a large percentage of your body’s available water which could lead to dehydration if not compensated for.

3.) It promotes the production of Nitric Oxide:

This is by far the most useful benefit from nasal breathing, as nitric oxide is a potent health booster in many ways: boosts focus increases lung volume, slows the resting heart rate, and improves the sense of wellbeing.

4.) It changes your facial structure over time:

Most definitely takes the cake for the most unbelievable change but one that has been scientifically studied and proven. By using the nasal cavity as a primary source of respiration, the nasal cavity widens and exerts pressure against the bony compartments over time. The changes are also aesthetically desirable: The jaw becomes more angular; the cheekbones move up and the chin moves forward. Overall, this habit can make you attain a more attractive face.


Whilst most of the changes mentioned here are subtle and take a long time to see the benefits over, over the long term: All these benefits can benefit your health and appearance dramatically. People underestimate the power of this practice; it is one that guarantees a good payoff if done right consistently.

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