Things You Can Do to Improve Your Bone Density:

Why is your bone density important? Your bones provide the structural framework for your entire body and when there is something wrong with them (such as they are weak/brittle) then it affects the way you move, the mechanical advantage of your muscles (so their effective strength) and it increases your risk for a dire injury quite dramatically. Therefore, it is important to keep our bones as strong as we possibly can. I have divided the tips into 3 levels (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced):


The tips mentioned here are the very basics that most people would be able to do without much fuss:


This comes as no surprise to the readers, I’m sure. Exercise causes your muscles to pull on their respective bones which place a load on those bones moved. Your bones require tension to grow, and tension must be placed on them regularly to gain/maintain bone density. The best exercise would be resistance training, but any exercise would provide a benefit, just do what you are comfortable doing on a routine basis.

Remove bad habits:

Many bad ingredients found in junk food have proven to be endocrine disruptors that also leech vital minerals such as calcium out of your bones. Cut out the fast food as much as you can and stop smoking as these damages the arterial blood supply of all your body’s tissues (which could lead to bone loss).


The tips here are for those that are slightly dedicated but do not want to make it a major life goal just yet:

Take certain supplements:

The most notable ones are GABA, Calcium, and Magnesium as these have all been proven to aid in bone health and increase bone mineral density. As cliché as it is to mention Calcium, its supplementation can be highly beneficial.

Spike your endogenous Human Growth Hormone levels:

Human Growth Hormone is vital for bone health and could prove useful in the quest for greater bone density. The easiest ways to get more of this hormone naturally are to take the GABA supplement already mentioned, adopt an intermittent fasting practice, and incorporate short high intensity treadmill sprints into your gym routine.


The following tip is only for the masochistic or those that really want to take their bone density to the next level.

Cause appositional bone growth:

As mentioned previously, your bone grows in response to the stress placed on it (much like your muscles). With this knowledge in hand, many mixed martial artists have been conditioning their bones by hitting their shins, knuckles forearms, and jaws with a hard dense object at high speeds (often with a wooden stick). This is usually because those areas are exposed and thus easy to hit directly. It often results in much stronger thicker bones over time. This practice is done 3x per week for many months, just like building muscle the results can take a long time to notice but it does work.


All the tips mentioned in this article can be used in unison or individually for preference. Some of these tips are not for the faint-hearted and they require a substantial investment to reap the results. However, there are few things more worthwhile than investing time in money into our bone health, especially to improve our quality of life as we get older.

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