Why Sleep is So Important When it Comes To Building Muscle:

People always think of sleep primarily relating to cognitive performance, well-being, and energy levels. However, the truth extends far beyond that and sleep is a vital component to recovering every process within the human body. In this case, the process that we will be focusing on would be protein synthesis (building muscle). Here are the reasons why sleep is so crucial when it comes to building muscle:

1.) It stimulates the mtor pathway:

The mtor pathway is needed for both the absorption of energy (Due to the release of insulin) and the literal building of muscle (stimulation of protein synthesis). Without stimulating the mtor pathway it would be impossible to become big. Whilst it is possible to stimulate the mtor pathway during the day, it takes the back seat to more important processes. During rest and particularly sleep however it becomes one of the primary processes that your body focuses on, making both the aforementioned processes much more effective.

2.) It promotes the healing of tissues:

The primary focus here will of course be muscle tissue due to the micro tears they experience during resistance training. If healing is improved overall, so will your ability to strengthen and build muscle over a shorter period. Recovering fully is also a requirement before going at the same intensity you usually do for a particular workout. Therefore, if you are able to recover faster, you’d also be able to put in more reps overall of a particular muscle group every week which in turn will result in more hypertrophy in the long term.

3.) It aids the digestion of food:

Every bodybuilder knows how important nutrition is to building a good physique. Without enough nutrients (macro and micro) it becomes almost impossible to put on a lot of muscle mass. All that nutrition could count for nothing though if you are not able to absorb all of it. By not sleeping, you are gimping your digestion not just for that evening but also for the food that you eat the following day, which reduces the number of nutrients you can absorb which in turn reduces the number of nutrients that can be utilized for muscle growth.

4.) It facilitates the primary releasement of anabolic hormones:

The primary hormones that are important here are going to be Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone. HGH is primarily released during the first phase of sleep whilst a good night’s rest sets up a good internal environment for testosterone release in the early morning. Both HGH and Testosterone are highly anabolic and promote muscle growth (Hence why they are used at supraphysiologic levels with bodybuilders).


Sleep is just one of those things and life that we can just not live without. So, I hope this article made you realize how important this natural process is even when it comes to the gains made from the gym. So, make sure to make getting 8 hours of shut-eye a night a priority.

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