Why It Is Important To NOT Take Any Supplement For Too Long:

People often take supplements indefinitely and never have a period where they stop taking them, this can be bad for many reasons. Not only will not doing so save you a bit of money but it also might make the supplements you do eventually buy more effective. Here are the reasons you should NOT consume any supplement for too long:

1.) It can lead to an overdose:

Not all overdoses are toxic, however, but they will have other detrimental effects nonetheless. A good example of this is Calcium: an essential component of our bones yet if we take too much then a lot of it will end up circulating within the bloodstream creating calcium deposits and thus raising our blood pressure by narrowing the diameter of the arterial lumen (Not good).

2.) Your body can become desensitized to it:

When a receptor receives a signal from a certain stimulus for too long, it tends to weaken its effects in order to maintain homeostasis. This means that less and less of your desired effects are being achieved by taking that daily supplement. A good example of this is GABA, which helps to release HGH from the pituitary gland. If GABA is taken daily for months on end, then this effect becomes almost negligible.

3.) It wastes your money in the long run:

Due to these 2 prior factors, it means it is entirely possible to get the same results with less of a particular supplement. The key would be to schedule 3 months of each year that you dedicate to using supplements, to make sure that your receptors get enough of a break before your next cycle. I know this may seem too tame or not worth it but the accumulative effect over the years will be far more drastic due to its efficiency.


This is the direct opposite of what the supplement industry wants you to hear because it is in direct conflict with the pharmaceutical industry making money. However, it is a truth that will allow you to save 3/4 of the money that you spent on supplements before (Year-round that is).

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