The Only 3 Sustainable Ways to Lose Weight:

Many people within the health and fitness space will tell you multiple marvelous stories about what it truly takes to lose weight whilst actually not looking at the latest scientific data or taking in any objective measurements to justify their claims. They would rather just advise what “feels” right, well enough with all the “feelings”, in this article you’ll find out the only scientifically proven ways at the moment that helps to lose weight in the long term:

1.) Building Muscle:

Contrary to popular belief, building muscle is the most sustainable way to ensure that you lose weight in the long term. Every pound/kg of muscle you put on is another heat sink for energy, thereby increasing the number of calories you burn at rest (Yes, doing nothing). There is no other mechanism that we know of that can semi-permanently (Until you lose the muscle of course) raise your basal metabolic rate. Having more muscle increases the chances that your current diet will make you lose weight instead of maintain/gain.

2.) High-Intensity Interval Training:

HIIT is the only cardio you should have in your training regime if losing weight is your goal. This is because traditional steady-state cardio (Like running for 45 min on a treadmill) does burn a lot of calories but it also raises cortisol (Which could lead to holding onto weight/weight gain), takes a long time for what is gained, isn’t as good for your heart and increases a hormone called ghrelin which gives you hunger cravings which may cause you to overeat above the number of calories you’ve burned. Whilst HIIT training is an effective conditioner of the heart + respiratory system, promotes Human Growth Hormone (Helps lose fat and spare muscle), takes almost half the time to do and there is a much better chance of adding additional muscle mass.

3.) Eat in a caloric deficit:

This is the hardest part because it often means going to bed at the end of the day with a feeling like you could still eat something. These hunger pangs are unfortunately very much part of the process and are something that one has to push through to reach their desired goal. Your body is very hesitant to use its own fat stores as it is its reserve source of energy. Just like a car or motorbike, your body does not want to run on reserve, so it gives you hunger pangs (Warning lights) so that if there is food around that you’ll use that as surplus fuel. Once you cross into reserve and the hunger pangs begin, it will start using fat stores as energy. This does not mean you go to bed hungry; it does mean that you go to bed slightly peckish though.


If you follow these 3 tips, you’ll be well on your way to losing that extra fat for good. It may not be as quick as some other fads, but this protocol is definitely the most guaranteed. Recap: Hit the weights, get off the treadmill and make sure to go to bed with the feeling that you could still eat more.

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