Difficulty Breathing? Here Are Some of the Main Reasons Why:

Many people think that struggling to breathe is because of poor aerobic fitness or having chronic asthma but there are many reasons as to why you may be struggling to breathe that are far easier to manage than the 2 previous conditions:

Fundamental reason:

The fundamental reason why someone may be struggling to breathe is usually due to a buildup of mucous secretions in the bronchi within the lungs. This build-up is usually a response to the body to some sort of allergen. This allergen can take many forms such as exercise, dairy products, nuts, seafood, soy products, alcohol, saturated fat, and many others.

What to do about it:


If the symptoms are exercise-induced, it can be difficult to overcome this initially. The main way is usually to get prescribed a bronchodilator from a physician that you can use both before and after you exercise. After your cardiorespiratory fitness has improved to an above-average level, the use of the bronchodilator may no longer be necessary but good to keep on hand if breathing ever becomes difficult.

Elimination Diets:

These are diets that try to eliminate entire food groups such as carbohydrates or fats. The only protein that one should look out for would probably be gluten. There are 2 types of elimination diets commonly used: The 1st one is used to see if it isn’t a component of vegetables (Such as the pesticides used on them) or the glucose response they infer (As they are primarily carbs) and it is known as the Low Carb Ketogenic Diet. This is where you primarily eat protein (Usually meat, eggs, or low carb soy products) and fat(Usually saturated due to meat consumption but plant-based derivates can be found as well). This usually puts your body in a state of ketosis where it uses ketones instead of glucose as its primary source of fuel. If this sorts out your breathing issues then something within carb-based products is causing an allergic reaction (Pesticides, fertilizer, glucose response, etc.) The second diet would be to try a high carb but low-fat diet which usually goes along the lines of eating like a vegan, keeping the fat low makes sure that it isn’t anything in these products that is releasing an allergic reaction, especially as this will assume that you are excluding dairy.

What if my problem persists?

Then it could be likely that you have some chronic asthmatic condition or that your cardiorespiratory fitness is very poor, either way, it would be good to go for a checkup with your physician who can prescribe you a bronchodilator if needed.


Diagnosing your own problem is never easy but it can be worth its weight in gold to avoid unnecessary doctor visits or use of a bronchodilator when just a diet change would have helped.

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