How To Keep Your Skin Looking Younger for Longer:

Many people turn to cosmetic skin products to keep themselves looking younger on the surface, this is great as it can improve confidence and quality of life. However, these products are usually only cheap cosmetic tricks that do nothing to impact the actual quality, age, or general health of the cells that make up the dermis. Thus, this article will not include anything on the muscle relaxer known as Botox or any other moisturizing creams. Here are the things you can do to change your skin’s quality at a cellular level:


This is quite a popular fad these days and it consists of taking an object that has a long handle with a sharp roller at the end full of microneedles and rolling it across the area you want to affect (Usually the face). Whilst this may seem like something out of a horror movie, the science behind it has been studied rigorously and has been seen to have very beneficial effects. The slight micro puncturing of the skin has been proven to promote blood flow bringing essential nutrients to the tissue whilst also stimulating a collagen synthesis effect that helps build up the elasticity of the skin.

Tips: The recommended needle size is 0,5mm and it should be done at least once a week for up to a maximum of twice.

Collagen supplementation:

Talking about collagen, you should also probably take a hydrolyzed collagen supplement. This is because our body’s natural synthesization rate of collagen is far from optimal, so a supplement can result in seeing firmer, more youthful, and elastic-looking skin. Pairing this with dermarolling is a powerful combination as the dermarolling creates a demand for repair whilst the collagen supplementation should supply enough to meet it.

Tips: Whether in pill or powder form, it does not matter as long as you get it in your body on a daily basis.

Melatonin supplementation:

There is a reason there is a term that is known as “Beauty Sleep”. Sleep is what keeps our cells healthy and operating at what is optimal for us, without out we increase the rate at which we slowly wither away and die. Getting enough sleep is vital for a beauty routine and taking a melatonin supplement before bed can assure that you do just that.

Tips: These may require a prescription where you live but I can assure you that it is well worth the doctor’s visit.


Having real healthy skin that also looks great does not need a bathroom cabinet full of retinol-A serums and regular Botox visits. It just takes the discipline to add these 3 to your routine and it will definitely pay you back for your investment with interest.

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