How Walking Can Be Effective Exercise:

People tend to laugh at the idea that mere walking counts as exercise but those people would have an incorrect assumption about the benefits that could be gained. Walking can be a tremendously beneficial form of exercise if done on a regular basis and here are the reasons why:

1.) It helps maintain your cardiovascular system:

If steady-state cardio is not for you then fast-paced walking can be an excellent alternative. When blood is pumping effectively through your body, every single part of your body benefits.

2.) It increases your functional fitness:

It helps maintain a good level of fitness compared to being sedentary and can stop the decline in muscle mass and bone density as we get older. It can also ensure that we get some fresh air which is always crucial to healthy lungs.

3.) It is good for your mental health:

One of the best ways to distress is to get your body moving and into nature. There are many scientific theories as to why this is and it usually comes down to the reasoning because it is how our bodies have evolved. Returning to the environment and activities of our ancestors is very therapeutic for our well-being. As we all know our mental health can affect our physical health greatly.

4.) It slows the degradation of your joints:

Our body only keeps around that which it needs to, to avoid using unnecessary resources. We have to make it clear to our bodies that the health of our bones, muscles, and joints is important to us and walking is a good way of doing that. Multiple scientific studies have proven that walking is beneficial for staving off the physical deterioration associated with old age.


Don’t think walking is complete malarkey! Taking walks at least 3 times a week can have a huge benefit for both your physical and mental health. Give it a try if normal exercise is not your thing, put on some music or your favorite podcast and get going!

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