The Benefits of Calming Yourself Down (And How to Do It):

We are all currently living in an environment that our ancestors could only dream of. All this advancement however comes at a cost: we are also exposed to influences that our neural circuitry has not adapted for, and this can have some pretty negative consequences. Many of these consequences come from the stress response our body has, if we could find ways to kick ourselves out of this stress response then we would be far better off. Here are some benefits of calming yourself down:

1.) It helps you to think more clearly:

We all know how much anxiety can distract us from pure thought and make us stumble over our words during a speech. This is because when you enter a state of fight, flight, or freeze your prefrontal cortex actually becomes partially inhibited for a time.

2.) It can help you build muscle:

The cortisol that is released is a well-known antagonist to testosterone which is the main anabolic hormone that people rely on to build muscle naturally. Thereby by calming yourself down, you are gimping the production of cortisol which means it would have a less inhibitory effect on your testosterone levels.

3.) It can keep you in a healthier state:

We all know that chronic stress is dangerous for us and comes with every negative health risk under the sun. By breaking the chain of constant anxiety, you will help return your body back to its natural cycle of homeostasis.

4.) It can help you sleep better:

The most common cause of insomnia is constant ruminations that are provoked by stress. If you can find a way to calm yourself down, you’d be in a much better position to get a good night’s rest.

What you can do about it:

There is a multitude of different things you could do but rather than to list all of them, I am going to list the one practice that is the simplest yet effective:

Physiological Sigh:

This is a way of breathing that goes like this: 2 quick breaths in through the nose followed by one long breath out through the pursed lips of the mouth. This stimulates the phrenic nerve of the diaphragm that helps activate the Vagus (10th) cranial nerve of the brain responsible for calming one down.

It is best to do this in the morning before work and at night before bed as the process may not be comfortable in the public eye.

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