Why You Should Care About Your Blood Circulation:

Biohackers are always looking for the next new thing to optimize their health, often they forget an age-old root of most health problems. Those problems stem from problems in blood circulation such as strokes, heart attacks, blood clots in general, and other nasty problems. Read on for further reasons you should improve your blood circulation:

1.) It can be fatal:

Apart from the aforementioned modern health problems (Mostly caused by diet), they also had a word for bad blood circulation back in ye olde days: death by dehydration! Yes, dehydration causes your blood to become thicker and tend to clump up, this clumping can eventually lead to the irreversible cell death of your body’s most vital tissues/organs.

2.) It has an influence on your vigor:

That youthful exuberance everyone talks about, that energy of an energizer battery bunny. This is why you do not want your blood pressure to be too high as it leads to forceful blood shunting that can limit the range of motion of skeletal muscles and drain your body of vital resources. The opposite is also undesirable, having blood pressure that is too low can make one feel lethargic, lightheaded, and feeling overall low in energy.

3.) Optimizing it can provide a multitude of health benefits:

It can be one of the most beneficial ways to improve your overall general health. The health benefits include clearer skin, better delivery of protein to muscles, a slower rate of aging, and greater hormonal response from the affected tissues. All these benefits will help one look and feel more youthful (Along with aiding general body composition such as physique building).

4.) It can help flush waste products out of your system:

The harmful buildup of toxic byproducts and other exogenous free radicals can be minimized if your circulatory system is working optimally. This of course has tremendous health and anti-aging benefit.


Hopefully, after this article, I have convinced you that blood circulation is a serious health issue that is very beneficial to optimize. If you are looking for ways to achieve better blood circulation, then please tune in to one of my next blog posts! (It may be out already).

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