How to Improve your Blood Circulation:

In one of our previous blog posts, we mentioned the reasons why you’d want to improve your general blood circulation. In this article, we will talk about the ways you can actionably work towards those goals. Here are some ways you can improve your blood circulation: 1.) The key to life: water Nothing on thisContinue reading “How to Improve your Blood Circulation:”

Why Minimalism is Good for Your Mental Health:

Our culture in today‚Äôs day and age is all about the excess of material wealth, the number of personal relationships, the variety of food we eat, and the things we do to spend our free time. When we evaluate this excess, we may begin to realize that less is in fact more: 1.) The thingsContinue reading “Why Minimalism is Good for Your Mental Health:”

Why You Should Care About Your Blood Circulation:

Biohackers are always looking for the next new thing to optimize their health, often they forget an age-old root of most health problems. Those problems stem from problems in blood circulation such as strokes, heart attacks, blood clots in general, and other nasty problems. Read on for further reasons you should improve your blood circulation:Continue reading “Why You Should Care About Your Blood Circulation:”

The Benefits of Calming Yourself Down (And How to Do It):

We are all currently living in an environment that our ancestors could only dream of. All this advancement however comes at a cost: we are also exposed to influences that our neural circuitry has not adapted for, and this can have some pretty negative consequences. Many of these consequences come from the stress response ourContinue reading “The Benefits of Calming Yourself Down (And How to Do It):”

How Walking Can Be Effective Exercise:

People tend to laugh at the idea that mere walking counts as exercise but those people would have an incorrect assumption about the benefits that could be gained. Walking can be a tremendously beneficial form of exercise if done on a regular basis and here are the reasons why: 1.) It helps maintain your cardiovascularContinue reading “How Walking Can Be Effective Exercise:”

How To Keep Your Skin Looking Younger for Longer:

Many people turn to cosmetic skin products to keep themselves looking younger on the surface, this is great as it can improve confidence and quality of life. However, these products are usually only cheap cosmetic tricks that do nothing to impact the actual quality, age, or general health of the cells that make up theContinue reading “How To Keep Your Skin Looking Younger for Longer:”

Difficulty Breathing? Here Are Some of the Main Reasons Why:

Many people think that struggling to breathe is because of poor aerobic fitness or having chronic asthma but there are many reasons as to why you may be struggling to breathe that are far easier to manage than the 2 previous conditions: Fundamental reason: The fundamental reason why someone may be struggling to breathe isContinue reading “Difficulty Breathing? Here Are Some of the Main Reasons Why:”

The Only 3 Sustainable Ways to Lose Weight:

Many people within the health and fitness space will tell you multiple marvelous stories about what it truly takes to lose weight whilst actually not looking at the latest scientific data or taking in any objective measurements to justify their claims. They would rather just advise what “feels” right, well enough with all the “feelings”,Continue reading “The Only 3 Sustainable Ways to Lose Weight:”

Why Does a Healthy Mind = a Healthy Body?

Many people think that mental health and physical health aren’t directly related. They forget that the brain is just another organ that is connected to the nervous system. Your nervous system is interlinked, something bad in a certain area can cause a cascade effect in another area. Anything that is wrong with you whether physicallyContinue reading “Why Does a Healthy Mind = a Healthy Body?”

Cheap + Easy Ways to Maintain Muscle Mass:

We all know building muscle is difficult but sometimes we forget that it’s the maintenance of that muscle afterward that is the difference between good and great. Maintaining muscle after is not as difficult as building it and there as some easy inexpensive ways to achieve that goal: 1.) Intermittent Fasting: This comes as aContinue reading “Cheap + Easy Ways to Maintain Muscle Mass:”