Why Fitness is Boring(Top 5 reasons)…

Too many people dislike exercise, It is a shame as movement could actually be a very enjoyable experience, it is our social conditioning towards exercise that holds us back. #1: We are too afraid to play and look childish People are too scared to try movements that they would find fun and enjoyable because theyContinue reading “Why Fitness is Boring(Top 5 reasons)…”

Running: Why mouth-breathing is actually the correct way to breathe

I know, I know, mouth-breathing gets a bad wrap in pop culture…so much so that being called a “mouth-breather” is now the worst insult since the beginning of mankind. However while mouth-breathing in general IS a bad thing to do in general, it can actually improve your long distance running. #1: It greatly increases yourContinue reading “Running: Why mouth-breathing is actually the correct way to breathe”

The Top 5 Reasons A Combat Roll Is A Useful Maneuver

Reason #1: It Prevents Injury When Falling from Great Heights This reason is the fundamental reason as to why many people learn the combat roll maneuver in the first place. You see, usually when you fall from a cliff and hit the ground feet first, all that kinetic energy travels directly to your knees andContinue reading “The Top 5 Reasons A Combat Roll Is A Useful Maneuver”